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True beauty:


Maaam, dis’ is fun!

Oh boy. Mama kitteh does not like her lil’ kittens playing on the slide:) Someone’s in trouble.
Sent in by Henning

This guy is da’ coolest. Take that, Kelly Slater!

Tewtally not cool, but kinda cool, right?


Site is still running slowly…

So, something has to be up with my wordpress admin panel. It does not like me these past few days and I’m about to go a bit crazy cause I can’t figure out why it’s doing what it’s doing. That being said, I don’t have that much time over the next few days to really dive into it so I apologize if things are slow on your end. Hopefully, it’s an easy fix and it takes care of itself. That happens from time to time.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

This kitteh must come there often.

I mean, they even have a sign that shows that kittehs are not allowed.


Zen Moment of the Day: