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The future of our country…I’m scared.

Oh no she didn’t.

Zen Moment of the Day

We need more of these…

Something really beautiful about clean energy.

Man invents machine to convert plastic back to oil

Not my “normal” WannaSmile post, sure. However, there is nothing more I love than seeing someone come up with a way to better our planet and reduce the waste that we produce! This guy has come up with a portable machine that can be taken anywhere to help people reduce their waste and re-use it:)

Another reason to be upset with BP (like you needed one)

See these cuties…

and these cuties?

Well…their homes are currently being decimated. It makes me angry. I know it makes you angry too. Feel kinda helpless on this one.

Here’s a link to more information about these beautiful creatures and their habitats.

I wanna hug this kid. A plea to President Obama:

I voted for him, and I think he has true vision. Looks like this lil’ guy thinks the same thing. As my mom would say “out of the mouth of babe’s”. Sometimes children see things in such a simple way that is so pure and true. It’s simple. Stop killing whales.

Just trying to do my part in helping save the planet;) For more excellent information and great articles on “green updates”, check out

New “green” technology:


Good for the environment, and your pupper get’s a workout all at the same time. Win-win.